Cannes Film Festival 2013 Spotlight: Indie Princess Elana A. Mugdan

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ELANA A. MUGDAN is the beauty and brains of the independent film world who is well on her way to intensify the passion within the hearts of viewers. Cannes may be coming to a close yet better late than never to showcase a stirring and gorgeous talent such as ELANA. Only days ago, she’s walked the red carpet in support of her film “Paradox” as well as the short film “White Picket World” and bewitched the paparazzi with that fetching smile of hers. I discovered she had arrived in the prestigious playground of Cannes from her facebook page and so endeavored to have her dazzle up this blog. Not only is she a wonderful actress, she’s also an award-winning director and founder of Shivnath Productions which specializes in narratives, trailers and feature films. It’s quite a feat to be handling multiple roles and this is where ELANA is a shining example for us all…:) The great thing about being in contact with her is receiving insider news on her various projects and ELANA has been so pleasantly forthcoming which is great for a fan like me.

With “Paradox” being her most ambitious movie to date, she’s also working behind-the-scenes as First AD/script supervisor and performs as a body/stunt double for one of the main actresses. Her ultimate goal in the months ahead is to be a big enough name to make the movies she wants to make and with her unwavering passion, she’ll achieve her dreams soon enough. Meanwhile, watch her being eye-catchingly amazing in “White Picket World” which will be available online for netizens

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