Cannes Film Festival 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Stacy Rock

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It’s never too late to keep tabs on upcoming actresses at CANNES and STACY ROCK could be the gal we’ll be wanting to fancy soon enough. While “Blue Ruin” may have been the buzzworthy film in the early part of CANNES, I’m sure it will be a favorite at the other film festivals on the horizon. It’s an off-kilter take on the revenge thriller themes which have captured our imagination ever since the advent of the nihilistic “Red White & Blue” back in 2010. That movie made stars of the cast post-Cannes and it would be history repeating itself if the actors on “Blue Ruin” get similar recognition. As much as STACY’s blue eyes and porcelain skin captivate, she’s known for her work on the cult indie hit “Murder Party” starring as the hot Lexi aka FUTURE BITCH. She did catch our attention with her platinum blonde locks and spacey outfit, all the playful charms of an onscreen vixen.

So a visit to the STACY ROCK OFFICIAL SITE should be your next destination. You’ll be pleased to know she’s a singer/songwriter who has drawn stellar reviews and her polished voice has been compared to Aimee Mann, PJ Harvey, and “a lady Tom Waits.” She’s been said to weave stories through her piano-laced music and likewise she has done in the roles she’s undertaken. Here’s a striking talent who is about to garner a following guaranteed to be enamored with her.

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