The Hottest Digital Vixens in 2013!

What an honor to know that the Actress and Life Obsession Blog has been included in the Top 10 Finalists of The Best What-The-Hell Blog Category for this year’s most eclectic The Singapore Omy Blog Awards ! Since I’ve gained recognition so shall i give kudos to the actresses who rock the web in 2013…:)

1. Mary Kate Wiles


– She’s had hits after hits after hits on Youtube and they keep on coming. From “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” to “Squaresville”, she’s proven to be an adorable addiction.
– Her appearance on the intriguing comedic take on “Games Of Thrones” is worth every view. “School of Thrones – Episode 1: Prom Night Is Coming” (watch above) has garnered a massive 2.3 million views.
MARY KATE WILES is thoroughly charismatic and her range is thought-provoking with quite the magnetic appeal. Watch her steal the show!
– I wrote about her back in Dec 2009: Hot Actress # 135 – MARY KATE WILES: SIZZLING CUTIE and will always be grateful for the priceless autograph she sent.

2. Carly Craig


– Heats up the screen and the online space with ease thanks to her beguiling good looks and svelte body that’s primed for immediate enchantment.
– She stars in Season 3 of “Burning Love”, the well-received web hit which is a parody of “The Bachelor” and her character Felicia is appropriately named as ‘The Hot One’
– Recently sizzled in 2 films “The Three Stooges” and “Paranormal Movie” showing she’s a proven comedic talent.

3. Clare Grant


– She’s one quarter of the saucy ladies called “Team Unicorn” who collectively have taken the digital space by storm and set the geek obsession level to very very high.
– A stunner on and off the red carpet thanks to her assets which can refer to her smoky eyes as well as her most perfect of cleavage. Seth Green = Luckiest Guy!!
– She also starred in the successful web series “Husbands” that centers on first marriage equality bringing the funny to netizens everywhere!

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