Must Watch TV Vixens Of Summer 2013!

It’s the greatest feeling when one of my actress friends give me the thumbs up for featuring them here on this blog. Even better when I see them being successful in their careers. If only the world is that supportive as I’ve recently found out on twitter and facebook that there’s some who will have disdain for you no matter what. For me, it’s about being supportive of my friends and people of various industries (i.e. actressses, bloggers, communities etc) for only then will you become a better person. So give a shout out to the women who will sizzle on TV this summer!

1. Kayla Mae Maloney, star of “The Glades”


– Cuteness is an addiction and if there’s one lady we’ll be adoring for quite some time is the ebullient Kayla Mae Maloney.
– In Season 4 of “The Glades”, her character Dr. Miranda Buckley gets close to Kiele Sanchez’s Callie…hmmm…wonder how intimate will this relationship really get???
– Reasons why you should see her dazzle TV Land (quotes taken from her tumblr page):


Ok, Father’s Day is not tomorrow but you have to admit Kayla brings up very interesting points…:)

2. Holland Roden, star of “Teen Wolf”


– All hail the return of one of the hottest faces on television as Miss Holland Roden charms us once more only this time in a more emotionally laid-bare sort of way.
– While Season 3 of Teen Wolf will have the Alpha Pack, the very foxy Holland and her co-star Crystal Reed should be called the delectable duo!
– Catch her in person on 23 June 2013 as she heats up the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention.

3. Daya Vaidya, star of “Twisted”


– Daya Vaidya’s recurring role in the new drama “Twisted” will reacquaint viewers with why she’s so unforgettable, having appeared in the series of the same name.
– She embodies the character Sandy who is a tough, saucy female deputy with street smarts and a flirtatiousness to remember!
– This Nepalese-born starlet has a very pleasant appeal because of her accommodating demeanor and is likely to be sought after soon enough.

4. Susie Abromeit, star of “The Have & The Have Nots”


– This list wouldn’t be complete without a striking blonde and Susie has the right personality to make us all swoon.
– Having shown her wild side in several comedies, she’s set to entice us on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Have Nots”
– Susie’s also a popular model due to the fact that she is individualistic when it comes to posing for the camera.

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