Rising Starlet: Hillary Baack

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Let’s all celebrate strong women for they remind us of how admirable they can be and HILLARY BAACK has both a drive and gregarious nature many will find appealing. With the L.A. premiere of “The East” on 31st May 2013, we’ll be transfixed on HILLARY who plays Eve, a member of an anarchist group conducting covert attacks on “evil” corporations. Starring alongside Brit Marling and Ellen Page, these are a trio of intelligent women who are able to project multi-layered performances. Despite having lost her hearing, Hillary has overcome the odds and shown she has a knack to be an industrious talent. Only hours ago, she lit up the red carpet in a very trendy dress with the cast of “The East” and could well be on the radars of many a director. She is an inspiration for all of us to chase our dreams for they do come true and HILLARY is living proof…:)

She joins the likes of Katie Leclerc from “Switched At Birth” who are shining bright whilst coping with hearing impairment be it permanent or temporary. Kudos to her for reiterating that no barrier is too big to overcome and her tireless dedication to acting has led to her current success. How can we not love those mesmerizing blue eyes and I reckon HILLARY should be invited to appear on a talk show such as The Late Late Show just like Ellen Page. Come on Craig! What are you waiting for! She certainly has my support and the reception she’ll be receiving will be one of positive commendation.

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