British Vixen: Chloë Crampton

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There is a babe overload on “Chastity Bites” as it makes its World Premiere at Dances With Films 2013 and one of the film’s stars Chloë Crampton rightfully belongs in the category of comely starlets. Coming from across the pond, Sussex born cutie Chloë is making her debut as an American and one that’s a little on the mean side. In “Chastity Bites”, she’s part of the girls clique called ‘The Hiltons’ who rule the school halls but may not be for long especially with a certain bather of virgin blood Liz Batho aka Elizabeth Bathory prowling. What’s impressive about Chloë is that she started acting in theater in London at age 4 professionally, went to Lee Strasberg Theater and then the Film Institute in NYC. She was also a series regular in a British teen TV series spin off called Hollyoaks and graced numerous sitcoms for the BBC. The period drama “Princess Ka’iluani” which had world wide release in 2010, with Qorianka Kilcher from The New World and Colin Farrell was also a prominent film she did.

Having moved to LA 3 years ago and just wrapped up a new feature from the producers of “Paranormal Activity” which is still hush-hush, Chloë would certainly be tipped for big things. Couple with her very attractive, genial persona and having kept me in the loop on the going-ons of career in the US, she’ll racked up even more fans in no time. It’s great to see her alongside established stars such as Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13), Franca Raisa (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and many more in “Chastity Bites” as she could be emulating their success in the near future. We’ve long had a thing for UK actresses and Chloë embodies the sweet, refreshing affableness that’s on course to fascinate us all.

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