Foxy Femme: Madeline Merritt

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Some women are just breath-taking so it’s a given to quickly take a liking to them as we should for MADELINE MERRITT who has all the virtues of an enchanting sweetheart. The film festivals are coming in thick and fast with Dances With Films 2013 being the next big one! MADELINE of course is making her presence felt with her appearance on raucous comedy “American Idiots” screening at the Chineese Theatre on May 31st. Lionsgate will also be releasing the film on June 16th so that’s ample time between now and then to be smitten with MADELINE. Most of us may remember her from “The Guest House”, a deeply romantic tale between 2 women who are polar opposites yet their desires grew and they form a romantic bond. What MADELINE delivered onscreen was honest and compelling, proving how stirring of an actress she is…:)

We certainly didn’t mind seeing this beauty in lingerie as her wholesome character Amy and bad girl Rachel (played by Ruth Reynolds) are so often found happily between the sheets. But “The Guest House” would be nothing without a storyteller and MADELINE does amazingly well to inhabit the innocence of her character who is in the throes of passion. With several projects in the pipeline and expectation that she’s about to sizzle the green carpet at “Dances With Films, MADELINE could be a hot prospect.

Watch out for my interview with the lovely Miss Madeline Merritt coming up soon!

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