Dances With Films 2013 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Rory Uphold

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Hers is a face the camera loves so much and it’s great to see RORY UPHOLD get her moment in the limelight. Her short film “Safety” which she wrote and directed just screened at Dances With Films 2013. It’s a dark tale of lust on the rebound which viewers shouldn’t miss! She has an understated sauciness that’s brimming underneath and which man wouldn’t follow through their desires with someone so intriguing as RORY’s character Andy who apparently has gone through a breakup. As we all know these things never go smoothly as anticipated so cue awkwardness between the pair. Certainly she is a rising talent having created this compelling story and also her years before as a successful musician.

On print she’s beguiling…just check out this West Hollywood shoot she did. It’s full of attitude and captures perfectly her captivating presence. The best way to describe her is exuberance with hints of spice yet everything nice. While I may not have been at the screening of “Safety”, I’ve seen on the web the amount of support from people around her and that can only mean she’s highly regarded. With plans to participate in various festivals, RORY is garnering the right kind of exposure at the most opportune time.

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