Dances With Films 2013 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Colleen Ryan

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Isn’t it awesome that Dances With Films 2013 can acquaint us with blossoming talents such as COLLEEN RYAN who just appeared hours ago at the premiere of her short film “How To Be A Female Director”. Looking ever so foxy in an elegant white top, she’s mesmerizing and turning heads of quite a number of people. She has impeccable fashion sense and the pictures (above) don’t lie. While we are deprived of a trailer for “How To Be A Female Director”, COLLEEN will most certainly bring color to the black and white satire on the issue of making it big as a female features director. Is it a marketing ploy not to release a trailer online to pique interest….well if COLLEEN is the poster girl of the short film (as depicted on the Dances With Films website) and having her dressed in retro fashion, then it’s got me immediately interested!

As every one knows I’m a firm supporter of the leading ladies and it’s amazing that COLLEEN is the central figure as KAY who is on a quest to find success in the directing field. There’s a little bit of Audrey Hepburn I must say and there’s an elfin-like beauty with COLLEEN even away from the camera. Don’t forget to visit the <a href="; target="_blank" COLLEEN RYAN OFFICIAL SITE and you’ll be similarly enchanted!

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