The “F” Generation: Icons of the 60s

Most might be wondering what the “F” stands for and I can say with certainty that in the 60s, the “F” can represent quite a variety of things. For instance, Femmes who were Famous and Fashionable in the Swinging Sixties! It can also mean the Fun these Foxy women were having on and off the silver screen. So as a tribute to the icons of the 60s who left an indelible impression on countless, here are some of the shoots by my actress friends with the 60s theme in mind. Thank you to OMY for dreaming up such an ideal theme for the Singapore Blog Awards and the collection of pics here say it all…OMY indeed!

 alt=Ursula Andress
 alt=Johanna Goldsmith

Ursula Andress was one of the most iconic Bond girls of all time. As Honey Ryder in “Dr. No”, she captivated so many when rising out of the ocean in a shockingly revealing white bikini. Actress Johanna Goldsmith channels Ursula’s sauciness with her own interpretation.

 alt=Johanna Goldsmith  alt=

Girls do have plenty of FUN in the sun, surf and sandy beaches!


 alt=Natalie Wood
 alt=Emily Spalding
 alt=Natalie Wood  alt=Emily Spalding

Actress Emily Spalding makes us reminisce of Natalie Wood whose childlike sweetness who was beautiful yet had the immense talent to emote onscreen. She was one of the most sought after actresses of her time and what was FUN about her was her innocence even when looking mature beyond her years with cigarette in hand (see above).


 alt=Brigitte Bardot
 alt=Rosa Nichols  alt=

Brigitte Bardot set a fashion statement with her big, bright eyes accentuated by the signature sweep of eyeliner and her XXL hairband. A wide, XXL hairband worn across the hair line is just so stylish. Actress Rosa Nichols has managed to create the Bardot hairband look and being curvaceous, Rosa is as delectable as Brigitte in her heyday. FUN is certainly in the bouncy and bright colors of the clothes she is wearing.


 alt=Eva Marie Saint  alt=Susanne Wuest

Alfred Hitcock has this to say of the “North by Northwest” hottie Eva Marie Saint….Just kick up your heels and have FUN. With that statement the sweet heroine and a glamorous charmer was born in Eva Marie. Actress Susanne Wuest is almost identical in her allure from her seductive pale skin to the very pretty blonde locks. From first hand account, I can tell you Susanne is one of the most affable actresses on this planet!


 alt=Catherine Deneuve  alt=Jessica Sonneborn

Catherine Deneuve’s icy aloofness produces a different take on enticement in a lot of her films. The FUN is trying to read her intentions and similarly indie actress Jessica Sonneborn has the mystique that Catherine Deneuve projected all those years ago to captivate audiences. The use of mod colors in her pic which are bright and pop out are just so lively!


 alt=Sandra Dee  alt=
 alt=Sali Sayler  alt=

Best known for her portrayal of ingenues, Sandra Dee has the distinct playfulness that capture the imagination of viewers. It’s definitely FUN to be flirtatious and while many figured Sandra was wholesome, she has that cheeky demeanor that shines. Just like Sandra, actress Sali Sayler is a model with quite the vivacious sprightliness that has always been addictive.


 alt=Diana Rigg
 alt=Christina Desiere

Girls and Fast Cars are a match made in heaven and seeing Diana Rigg atop the Lotus Elan 26R is a measure of how delectable she is. Similarly, Actress Christina Desiere looks ravishing in a sports car proving why there is such a gravitational pull when it comes to the hottest women at the wheel who have all the FUN…:)

 alt=Diana Rigg  alt=Christina Desiere

In the sexual revolution in 1960s America, bikinis became popular fast and it sparked a buying spree. One can see how it hugs the svelte body of Diana Rigg and with actress Christina Desiere, she exudes her own delightful sex appeal.


 alt=Jane Birkin  alt=
 alt=Hillary Baack  alt=

Last but certainly not least, Jane Birkin is widely regarded as the original ’60s wild child with skinny limbs, long brown hair and her penchant for hippie clothes. Bell-bottoms, colourful headbands, and bare feet were part of the unisex hippie movement which at that time was the most carefree and FUN era. Actress Hillary Baack (recently seen with Ellen Page in “The East”) follows in Jane Birkin’s footsteps and enchants with both her lissome grace as well as her natural, hippie chick fashion sensibilities.

One thought on “The “F” Generation: Icons of the 60s

  1. Wow, Haren, you are so AMAZINGLY talented!!! What a wonderful article…:) I am sending this to all my friends! Thank you so much, Honeybunch. LOVE you always, your sis, J XXXXOOO

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