Canadian Vixen: Jill Teed

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Prominent in both beauty and presence, JILL TEED has a myriad of fascinating facets to get our attention. Sci-fi vixens are adored worldwide and having starred in well known shows such X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Smallville, etc. Jill has constantly beguiled audiences. In “Independence Daysaster” which screens on the SYFY channel, she stars as Secretary of State Spears who opposes nuclear warfare on a group of marauding ‘drill robots’ who have mysteriously descended on Earth and threatening countless lives. She certainly revels in playing the voice of reason despite impending doom for she has charmingly, inspiring features. Only recently she appeared on “Continuum” as Agent Lewis who is as mysterious as she is bold, instructing her charge Agent Gardiner to continue investigating the terrorist group liber8.

Her career especially on television is impressive and did you know she starred alongside Mr Heart-throb himself Zac Efron in the romantic comedy “Charlie St Cloud”? One can say she confident when playing off actors she’s onscreen with; qualities we associate with intelligent actresses. JILL is highly fancied and so highly watchable, what is expected is a round of praise for her being ever so enchanting.

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