Rising Starlet: Sherri Eakin

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We do have the hots for actresses from the South and Mississippi-born SHERRI EAKIN does indeed enthrall at first sight. So often horror features have been the platform to exhibit the potential of a leading lady and SHERRI has enough to suggest she’s one to get excited about. Starring in the slasher “Hayride” which has a bleak atmospheric tone to it, her attractiveness is one of understated engagement yet she sufficiently pulls us in to be involved in her character’s predicament. Playing Amanda who together with her boyfriend is terrorized by a killer at the “Haunted Hayride” attraction, her portrayal of a vulnerable woman on the fringes of being killed has been highly praised. Already a sequel “Hayride 2” is in the works which is testament to both her impressive turn and the suspense of the intense indie fare. Yes she does survive and that just sets it up nicely to see if she does the second time around!

Her next project “Freshwater” has intrigue written all over with a re-invention of the classic tale of things going awry at a lake house during a weekender of fun. Maybe a visit to the SHERRI EAKIN OFFICIAL SITE can shed more light on this upcoming horror treat. Possibly SHERRI could be touted as an emerging Scream Queen and follow in the footsteps of say Danielle Harris (from the Hatchet trilogy) by helming her own “Hayride” trilogy. Positive reviews that have been bestowed upon SHERRI will further substantiate her ascendancy on the independent scene.

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