Rising Starlet: Hallee Hirsh

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Mesmerizing is a trait HALLEE HIRSH exudes in many of her projects and she’s set to win us over in the coming months. The upcoming drama “A Chance Of Rain” will see her star alongside “90210” hunk Matt Lanter ensuring she’s bang on to make waves. Of course, she’s the love interest of the piece, playing Vanessa, an art student who catches the eye of Eric (Matt Lanter) who has a penchant for brainy and beautiful women. Even away from the screen she possesses both facets, HALLEE’s level of comeliness extends beyond the screen and even graduating Magna Cum Laude from UCLA where she studied Chinese and Anthropology. Here on this blog, we always love every reference to all Asian-related stuff and bravo to HALLEE for mastering a leading Asian Language.

She has taken on a lot of roles as brats and murderers yet is constantly evolving into a performer with bags of talent. With her appealing features and natural onscreen ability which helped her to be a recipient of 2 Youth in Film Young Artist Awards, HALLEE can only get better. She is only in her early 20s but odds are she’s on the right path to hit the big time. Even back when she was 12, many have recognized the depth she has brought to each character she’s played. Full of radiance, her status as a much sought after actress is only a stone throw’s away for the divine MISS HALLEE HIRSH.

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