Hotties On Film and DVD – July 4th

1. Caroline Redekopp in “September Runs Red”


– She is the perfect embodiment of the most beautiful Canadian actresses to have ever graced our screen.
– Impressing in “September Runs Red”, she brings out the tortured psyche of a woman with a phobia of water and intrigues us with every minute of her performance.
– If you’ve already noticed there’s a lot about her that’s attractively magnetic, very much in the same vein as Lynda Carter of “Wonder Woman” fame.

2. Jesse Draper in “No One Will Know”


– Her effervescence on camera has always been enthralling, endowed with a colorful personality that’s foxy and sweet all at the same time.
– In the dark thriller “No One Will Know”, she plays Aubrey, a woman who tries to cover up a murder which resulted from an infidelity.
– On hit series “The Valley Girl Show”, she is both pretty in pink and a great host who has perfected the art of making guests open up.

3. Jackie Moore in “Atlantic Rim”


– With a portfolio of recent and upcoming indie features, this sexy blonde bombshell is steadily becoming a fascinating talent to covet.
– She plays Tracy, one of Earth’s protectors entrusted to use giant robots to battle monsters of the sea in “Atlantic Rim” which is a mockbuster of “Pacific Rim”.
– “Army of the Damned” where demon warriors run riot is a new horror flick and Jackie stars as a reporter who get into the thick of the action!

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