Latin Vixen: Diane Guerrero

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With her kissable lips, you can fathom how DIANE GUERRERO is going to accelerate our avid interest in her. Especially now since she has a recurring role as Maritza on “Orange Is The New Black” which is set to be one of the most addictive new shows on TV. Sometimes we wonder if 13 episodes is enough to admire the succession of beautiful women dazzling up this tale of titillation encompassing wafts of emotion behind bars. Highlighting upcoming talents has always been a priority of mine as in this industry fame is a stone throw’s away and signs point to a fruitful year ahead for DIANE. She is appearing in the Sean Young/John Stamos led comedy “My Man Is A Loser” about two friends recovering their mojo with the help of a playboy. Her versatility will be the cornerstone of her burgeoning career and with the challenge of having limited parts to play as a Latina, DIANE has always tried to build a connection with viewers.

Drawing on the adage that she loves entertaining people, her choice of roles harbor on the fact that they are a bit rough around the edges. As she has reveal in an interview, she draws on the experiential slices of life. She did excel in indie film “Emoticon ;)” as Amanda Nevins, a young Latin girl trying to see herself growing up in a “White” family. From face value, DIANE does have a vulnerability that’s believably charming. A sweetheart in our midst, DIANE is headed for prolonged moments of fascination by us all.

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