Comic Con 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Elizabeth Schmidt

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Horror fans must be in raptures as actress ELIZABETH SCHMIDT is thrust into the spotlight with an amazing performance worthy of a scream or two. Certainly, her striking eyes are so mesmerizing and she joins the likes of Rachel Nichols from “Continuum” as the women who have a captivating hold on us, well at least for me at this time. I may seem a little biased having dosed on episodes of “Continuum” but the pic of ELIZABETH (above) from the teaser of “Incident on Highway 73” should prove how arrestingly eye-catching she is. You can almost taste the fear as she stars as Kelly who together with her partner Jeff will somehow vanish after entering the remote desert during Christmas Eve. Is this the work of mother nature or something of an alien origin? All will be revealed at Comic Con on July 19 when “Incident on Highway 73” premieres. While the nail-biting short film has wowed the festival circuit, those who have not seen it will be in for a treat.

Genuine and instinctive onscreen, ELIZABETH’s interpretation of her role is consistently natural, engaging the audience to re-live those tense moments as they unfold. It is therefore a must to visit the ELIZABETH SCHMIDT OFFICIAL SITE and keep note of her ascendancy in the industry. She was recently in Anne Heche’s comedy series “Save Me” and will be seen alongside Elizabeth Banks in crime thriller “Every Secret Thing”. With her ability to shine in comedy as well, this is one actress who is primed to have a huge following.

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