Indie Princess: Jenny Gabrielle

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Steadily making a name for herself, fair-skinned cutie JENNY GABRIELLE is blossoming nicely into a desirable talent. Her upcoming feature “The Banshee Chapter” is now lauded as being one of the 13 must-see horror movies at FrightFest in London. There’s going to be ample opportunity to watch JENNY as she’s starring alongside Katia Winter and Ted Levine (aka creepy Buffalo Bill) in this tale of covert mind-altering government experiments. This flick is peppered with truly macabre scenes that’s stealthily position to scare your wits! Earlier in the year, many would have seen her join the likes of January Jones in showing skin in the western “Sweet Vengeance” and she certainly has an body worthy of admiration. With the release of Steven Seagal’s newest actioner “Force Of Execution”, JENNY has a meatier role as the damsel in distress Karen who is one of the catalysts in a turf war between Seagal’s notorious gangster Thomas Douglas and Ving Rhames’s ruthless drug dealing toughie know as the Ice Man.

Apparently after seeing the trailer for “Force of Execution” one of her fans remarked that she’s the most compelling looking character in this trailer! I just came across a new term of praise called “Alabaster Doll” which can describe her charms which includes her light complexion and delicate beauty. Sorry Seagal! Guess you have to make way for a natural charmer like JENNY who is slated to captivate hearts in the coming months.

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