Aussie Vixen: Sally Greenland

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We’ve already seen America fall in love with Australian actresses and SALLY GREENLAND is a good prospect to continue that devotion. From the big screen to the small, it’s an OZ invasion we hope grows unabated. I’m sure most are already captivated by fellow Aussie brunette Lily Sullivan from the new TV series “Camp” and in the short film arena, SALLY is about to maximize her exposure. At the Portland Film Festival 2013, she’s appearing in the role of ‘The Prostitute’ in the offbeat short film “The Butcher’s Dozen”. It’s already premiered at this year’s Festival de Cannes court metrage and expect this fable about the cards dealt to some people in life (however harsh they may be) making the festival rounds for some time. SALLY is certainly a charismatic beauty and her reel (above) exhibits the knack she has in dramas.

Pay a visit to the SALLY GREENLAND OFFICIAL SITE to find out more about her. I’ve read on a blog she could bring a character into life in 5 minutes which says a lot about her ability. She has also scored a major role in a Spanish film ‘Encontrados en NYC’! Who knows the next time we talk about SALLY, she may have established herself and won over fans the world over.

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