TIFF 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Reanin Johannink

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REANIN JOHANNINK has all the attributes to be a global sensation and this vixen from New Zealand effortlessly exudes the sexiest of charms. She is one of the stars in “All Cheerleaders Die” where the act of joining a popular click triggers supernatural events. In this Bring It On Meets The Craft horror flick, an outsider who decides to partake in a cheerleading squad sparks a rift with her best friend who practices the dark arts. The obligatory blood and screams soon follow and director Lucky McKee has a tremendous track record when it comes to showing the repulsive side of us all. Does it matter that there’s nary a trailer to be seen as the female cast are hot to the max namely REANIN, Caitlin Stasey and Sianoa Smit-McPhee! All the more reason to attend the opening of the film at the Toronto International Film Festival where more than 200 features are vying for our attention. Our love for the women of horror is destined to grow tenfold with the emergence of Miss REANIN.

REANIN is passionate about the darker side of films and she also has a major role in “I Survived a Zombie Holocaust”. Get her on the newest season of “The Walking Dead” since it’s been reported 7 seasons are in the offing! Infectiously appealing is certainly one of REANIN’s assets, having been part of the viral butt cam video “Rear View Girls” on youtube exposing how people often check out a girl’s ass. REANIN does have the perfect bottom and I’m betting even those zombies will take an avid interest, putting some life back into them ala Warm Bodies…:) It’s been a while since a Kiwi Beauty stole our hearts and REANIN could be just that coveted sweetheart. Watch out for my upcoming interview with this luscious lady!

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