TIFF 2013 Spotlight: Indie Princess Alyssa Simon

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Expression is one of the strengths of any actress and ALYSSA SIMON has the knack to channel it wonderfully. When in character, she can vary from nervous energy to heady confidence that will keep you fixated. Drop by the ALYSSA SIMON OFFICIAL SITE and read up on the many testimonials that affirms what many have loved about her. She will appear in the bizarre and enjoyable “They Will Outlive Us All” where strange deaths happen in a tiny Brooklyn apartment. Apparently by over-sized critters and there lies the freakiness of the film.

Do make a point to check out ALYSSA in the short “Anniversary Dinner” where she plays Beth, the sister of a man who hides a macabre secret in the bedroom. It’s a zombie feature that’s buzzworthy and has seen ALYSSA winning Best Supporting Actress Award at the 2012 TABLOID WITCH AWARDS. The ensuing conflict between brother and sister (ALYSSA in unbridled chaotic fashion) over matters of the heart (or is it life and death) is intriguing. She’s proven her worth as a horror vixen with acting chops which can also be bestowed upon fellow actress Jessi Gotta who dug deep as the zombie spouse! What you get from ALYSSA is pure heart, immersing herself in roles with precision as she has so often done before in theatre works, cabarets and musicals. It’s time indie film viewers get a taste of this beguiling talent.

3 thoughts on “TIFF 2013 Spotlight: Indie Princess Alyssa Simon

  1. Great news! Our director Jessi Gotta just informed the cast and crew that “They Will Outlive Us All” has just won Best Sci-Fi/Horror Feature from Toronto Independent Film Festival this weekend! Thank you so much, Haren, for helping to publicize the film!

    1. Hi Alyssa. Congrats on the award! Thanks for sharing my feature. You girls are brilliant and will captivate us for a long time.

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