10 Dazzling Hotties At The LA Shorts Fest 2013

1. Suziey Block in “If We Were Adults”


– A standout indie darling in both looks and captive talents having wowed audiences in several brilliant horror films.
– In “If We Were Adults”, it’s a different kind of horror as her character Izzy discovers marriage and commitment can be frightening.
– She’s just wrapped The Pact 2 with co-star English Rose Camilla luddington. She informs me that it should be better then the first Pact which starred Caity Lotz…Meow!

2. Amelia Jackson-Gray in “Point Mugu”


– She’s been bewitching us for the longest time over the years on hit TV shows as well as independent films.
– Amelia is the writer/actress behind the new psychological thriller “Point Mugu” while her husband Skeet Ulrich is the leading man.
– Mesmerizing with a capital “M’, she’s also affable in person and is ever so kind even to overseas fans like me. You cannot stop loving this lady…;)

3. Christie Burson in “Destroy The Alpha Gammas”


– Keeps us enthralled with her mix of innocence and vixenish sensuality onscreen.
– On top of being an indie sweetheart thanks to her appearance on “Scenic Route”, she will be an internet sensation after her stint on web series “Destroy The Alpha Gammas”.
– Christie has been widely searched over Google and on this blog over these past few months. With good reason as she’s becoming a genuine addiction.

4. Stacy Jorgensen in “Encounter”


– Her versatility in handling a multitude of genres form sci-fi to intense drama is a testament to her visual gifts.
– Stacy plays Shirley, a mother who is pushed to the limit and ends up abandoning her daughter in “Encounter”
– She’s actually a regular fixture at film festivals around the world and hope I can tag along with her one day!

5 & 6. Nikki DeLoach & Mikaela Hoover in “Another Happy Anniversary”

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– Nikki DeLoach and Mikaela Hoover are a tease for the eyes as much as they are appealing so much so we adore them every time they take to the screen.
– No wonder they keep us guessing in the short “Another Happy Anniversary” about a married couple harboring thoughts of a threesome. No trailer in sight!
– Here are 2 ladies who despite their busy schedule always find time to acknowledge me. How can one not shower them with perennial affection!

7. Cadden Jones in “Stay At Home”


– One of the most stunning women on film and on print, she’s effortlessly photogenic.
– Cadden is going to kick ass as a trained assassin and stir hearts as a mummy in the exciting short “Stay At Home”.
– The highly anticipated “The Gene” will see her as Dr Catherine Heyman who discovers the “gay” gene. This could be the feature that could get her plenty of buzz.

8. Jodi Harrison in “The Bluff”


– It’s time we acknowledge how great Jodi is as a character actress, wowing us with sometimes kooky yet delightful interpretations.
– Despite the unavailability of a trailer for her short “The Bluff”, I have a feeling she’ll get everyone talking in this murder mystery.
– Don’t forget to catch her in the web series “Gossip Boy” as Aunt Darlene who has a heart of gold even if she’s under appreciated.

9. Emma Fitzpatrick in “Sequence”


– Besides her exceptional acting capabilities, she’s now recognised as a fashion maven.
– She will appear in “Sequence” helmed by Spanish director Carles Torres incorporating elements of horror and film noir. Sadly, no trailer to be found!
– Her must-watch parody of Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Acceptance Speech which went viral certainly made her a youtube superstar!

10. Lindsey Haun in “Ordained”


– As a free-spirited jazz singer, she proves to be quite the temptation to a young seminarian in the dramedy “Ordained”.
– Not only is she leading lady in “Ordained”, she’s also contributed her luscious vocals on the score.
– I’m waiting for the day she performs in Asia, especially since her delectable factor is a 10 out of 10.

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