TIFF 2013 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Lisa Rose Snow

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It’s great to be captivated by someone as beautiful as LISA ROSE SNOW who is also exemplary be it in acting, writing and directing. Viewers will get a glimpse of the lovely LISA in “All The Wrong Reasons” which also stars the late Cory Monteith in what is billed as one of his last performances. Every year, TIFF has a habit of introducing us to films that touch us and this one does highlight the tragedies we may encounter in life. Not forgetting the performers who seem to have a magical hold on attendees of the celebrated film fest. LISA hails from Nova Scotia and as everyone knows its fertile ground for some awesome talents (think Ellen Page) and with her being a multi-disciplinary artist, there’s so much she can offer. Some may even think she’s too virtuous to play a hooker but she did just and with an endearing nature in the web series “Everyone’s Famous”.

She also guest starred in the quirky half-hour comedy “Seed” on TV. The series “Seed” is where I got to know leading ladies Stephanie Anne Mills and Abby Ross so having connected with LISA is a blessing as well. Start checking out the LISA ROSE SNOW BLOG and read up on her screen play “Two Penny Road Kill” which is being billed as a modern day Cinderella story. LISA certainly is gifted and having won a WAVE Award which recognized women making waves in the industry, she could turn out to be a big success.

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