LA Shorts Fest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Natasha Lloyd

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This year’s LA Shorts Fest must be a boon for many especially when there’s the ravishing Natasha Lloyd looking to make a dazzling impact. She’s the lead of “Revolver” in what is an entrancing performance as Alice, the depressed owner of a motel who crosses path with an identity thief. Taking on another person’s identity can so often backfire as events start to unfold in this gritty short. From the heart-pounding trailer (above), there’s so many shades to Alice which NATASHA does ever so well to beguile, maneuvering herself into our hearts. As should see, being a drop-dead gorgeous model for a number of commercials and print ads during her career. Best part is she’s a really pretty gal who can bring forth varying emotions onscreen.

The impressive reviews about her on the NATASHA LLOYD OFFICIAL SITE alludes to her abilities as an entertainer. No genre is too big for this promising talent and as she progresses will garner a long list of admirers. Or for those partial to cute blondes, NATASHA is the personification of heavenly charm. Start loving her today for you’ll be hearing and seeing plenty more of what she can offer!

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