The Women Who Sizzle at TIFF 2013

1. Jane Moffat in “Enemy”

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– She is one of the stars of the psychological drama “Enemy” where leading man Jake Gyllenhaal’s character encounters a doppleganger!
– Jane has been prominent on TV thanks to her stint on “Alphas” but many would have seen her in the sleeper horror hit “Mama” where she played dual roles.
– Since TIFF celebrate the best of Canadian Talents, we should likewise give kudos to JANE, one of Canada’s most engaging ladies of the screen.

2. Stacy Rock in “Blue Ruin”

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– She may play aged and haggard under all the makeup in “Blue Ruin” but she certainly has eye-catching qualities for us to admire.
– I adore her for the fact she’s shared the article I wrote about her practically everywhere! This woman deserves success in her endeavors.
– Stepping into the studio, Stacy is about to release her EP which will showcase her luscious vocals.

3. Mallory Moye in “Parkland”


– She has a supporting role as a flirty nurse in the star-studded drama “Parkland” which has Zac Efron, Tom Welling and Marcia Gay Harden in the cast.
– While she’s well known for being the perky Wanda Lewis on hit show “Hart Of Dixie”, watch Mallory in the highly anticipated “Masters Of Sex”.
– This adorable redhead has been called an incredible actress by none other than her co-star Ross Philips from “Hart Of Dixie”. Yup folks, she is mesmerizing!

4. Misty Upham in “August: Osage County”


– Having already graced the red carpet at Cannes with Benicio Del Toro during the premiere of “Jimmy P.”, Misty is a star on a rapid rise.
– Her follow-up role as Johnna, the new maid of the unhinged Weston Family in “August: Osage County” will be a great watch. As will, powerhouses in Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.
– The time is nigh that a Native American actress get all the accolades for portraying characters with depth.

5. Kate Siegel in “Oculus”


– 3 of the hottest women with K as their first initial in the horror movie “Oculus”! It’s only right we have a swooning session at Kate Siegel, Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff.
– There are some actresses you can’t take your eyes off and KATE has the magnetism to keep you charmed for some time.
– Well she has starred in the film called “Steam” and she is more than capable to stir all our senses in future projects.

6. Jordan Hayes in “The F Word”


– She’s a Canadian ingenue on the fast track to stardom and will appear alongside Daniel Radcliffe in the romantic comedy “The F Word”
– Jordan is forging her creative spirit as a film-maker and is working on the short film “Lay Over” where she juggles directing,writing,editing and acting duties.
– She has been a big part of the horror/thriller genre with her turn alongside Jennifer Lawrence in “The House At The End Of The Street”.

7. Lynn Shelton in “Lucky Them


– If ever there was a genuine indie darling, Lynn belongs right up there with the best as she captivates both as an actress and director.
– Her films may contain themes related to discovering one’s sexual identity which while pushing some buttons has touched a lot of hearts.
– She will be appearing in Toni Collete’s “Lucky Them” and also looking to replicate her success back in 2009’s Humpday with “Touchy Feely”, another dramedy starring Ellen Page.

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