LA Shorts Fest 2013 Spotlight: Blonde Bombshell Jessica Mathews

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Being beautiful and brainy is a heady combo which are traits the multi-talented JESSICA MATHEWS possesses in opulence. For that very fact, I’ve actually included the bikini photo of her (above) for good measure…:) Affirmation of the allure of an actress is always a good thing and JESSICA does indeed have the semblance of a temptress. She does indeed play one in the short film “The Big Meet” that tells of a screenwriter who stumbles upon the killer pitch. As Morgan, she’s of two women who seduce the screenwriter into committing a grisly murder which serves as the inspiration for his story. JESSICA is also Producer extraordinaire in this gem of a crime thriller that has enough elements of the dark comedy we so often get hooked on. She’s been called a Creative Visionary and people who have worked with her are constantly showering her with compliments. I’ve been longing to give praise to her for the longest time and on Sep 12, the day The LA Shorts Fest comes to a close is an opportune moment to feature such a remarkable personality.

It’s time we take a look at the JESSICA MATHEWS OFFICIAL SITE, a truly informative portal on this striking hottie. She’s been ever-present in a host of mediums. From the web to National commercials, JESSICA has always been a source of captivation and the independent film arena is where she has amass numerous awards. While we’ve seen her hotness level to be breath-taking, the pleasantness she’s always shown towards acquaintances, colleagues and fans makes JESSICA even more desirable. Oh and just noticing those luscious “flying” eyebrows of hers which are akin to Emilia Clarke’s from “Game Of Thrones”, that quality of über-innocence so intriguing. Expect JESSICA to be one of the shining stars of 2013.

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