Horror Hotties Sizzling Friday The 13th and Beyond!

1. Adrienne King in “Friday The 13th”


– What better than to praise the legend Adrienne King who fascinatingly embodied Alice, from the classic “Friday The 13th”.
– Adrienne proved she has a great pair of lungs which cemented her status as one of the most amazing Scream Queens.
– She made a cameo in psychological thriller “The Butterfly Room” recently and is as appealing as ever.

2. Danielle Bisutti in “Insidious Chapter 2”


– She’s going to terrify viewers in “Insidious Chapter 2” as the Mother of Parker Crane and spark a fandom for a soon to be horror icon.
– Many would have seen this beguiling brunette grace the premiere alongside Patrick Wilson and the cast.
– Check out some behind-the-scenes (above) as visionary director James Wan directs her in a creepy yet pivotal scene.

3. Debbie Rochon in “Dry Bones”

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– The cult horror princess continues her captivating ways in her latest feature “Dry Bones”, a monster under the bed tale.
– Her dedication to the horror genre is commendable having undergone 7 hours of makeup to portray the succubus Lilim.
– I call her Delectable Debbie as she has been exhibiting her enticing allure for so many years.

4. Elise & Electra Avellan in “The Black Waters Of Echo’s Pond”


– “The Black Waters of Echo Pond” Blu-Ray has been released which means we get dual servings of the mesmerizing Elise and Electra.
– It has to be said these gals are seriously photogenic! Even in candid shots, the camera accentuates their youthful allure.
– In the upcoming “Machete Kills”, the incredibly tasty Avellan Twins will return in stunning fashion as the feisty nurses Mona and Lisa.

5. Jen & Sylvia Soska in “See No Evil 2”


– Jen and Sylvia direct Kane in “See No Evil 2” which means we’re in for nasty fun only the foxy Soska Twins can dream up…:)
– “American Mary” was a masterpiece by the Soska Twins with their vision of body modification being such a sadistic visual pleasure.
– The Twisted Twins effect is set to take over the globe and their brand of uninhibited horror has riveting written all over!

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