Hottest Scream Queens at Arizona Underground Film Festival 2013

1. Jessica Cameron in “Truth Or Dare”


She’s a blonde goddess and comely indie horror darling rolled into one. Jessica is all vivacious fun and so awesome towards all her fans no matter where they may be in the world. She’s excited for “Truth Or Dare” because it’s her directorial debut and first time co-writing a film. This is must-see film if you’re a horror fan since it’s gory, violent and vicious and doesn’t hold back. This bloody tale is premiering on Friday the 13th at 9 PM so don’t miss it!

Here’s what she has to say about “Truth Or Dare”: As an actor all the roles in the film are really dynamic with strong character arcs which is something that I did not get to see in horror films often. My character is so normal on the outside but on the inside she is quite dark and I feel that this is representative of many people in the ‘real world’.

2 & 3. Heather Dorff & Devanny Pinn in “Truth Or Dare”

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Plus kudos should also go out to Heather Dorff and Devanny Pinn who themselves are worthy of adulation. This duo of delectable and striking beauties are two of the hardest working actresses in the biz. With numerous films in the pipeline for both, there’s going to be full-on enthrallment with Heather and Devanny. Especially when they have such a seductive presence on both camera and print (see photos above)!

4. Marissa Skell in “Love In The Time Of Monsters”


Marissa stars in “Love In Time Of Monsters” as Carla who together with her sis Marla battle toxic monsters to protect their loved ones. Also appearing are the iconic Doug Jones and Kane Hodder in this horror comedy that has a uniquely offbeat appeal. Check out a scene (above) where Marissa is in her element, a flirty tease indeed and we get a glimpse of how incredibly divine her body is…:) 2013 will see the rise of Marissa Skell, our lovable horror vixen.

5. Amelia Meyers in “Buck Wild”

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Effortless in exuding sensuality, there’s every reason to call Amelia a “Living Doll” as I’ve once described her. Potently stunning, she appears in the zom-com “Buck Wild”. Not only we love our heroines in Zombie flicks, the fact there’s a constant evolution in the zombie genre as “Buck Wild” will show keeps us hooked. Don’t miss the scene of Amelia as Carla (above) slyly alluding to her desire for a larger manhood size by comparing a guitar as opposed to a tiny ukelele…lol!

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