Latin Vixen: Bertila Damas

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BERTILA DAMAS radiates both an impeccable charm as well as a regal allure which we will most enchanting. With THE DVD for Season 2 of “Grimm” now out, there’s every reason to watch the gorgeous BERTILA who made quite the impression on the hit series. Her appearance as Pilar which was so well-received on the “La Llorona” episode of Grimm, it became one of the highest rated episodes of the entire series! Good news is she’s reprising her mysterious role as a seer of the future and we can’t wait to what’s next especially with regards to the story arc of Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch). As you can see (above), BERTILA is on cosy terms with Bitsie as well as our titular Grimm Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli). It’s always great to see an actress given the license to grow and given that BERTILA’s character Pilar has a diverse spirit, Season 3 should see her interest us even more.

Besides her numerous appearance in a host of popular shows, she’s also shone in independent features most recently the short film “Your Father’s Daughter” and the thriller “The Imsoniac”. Her versatility on camera and being bilingual has allowed her to inhabit characters that are multi-dimensional. Off screen, she’s been said to have a cheeky humor and it’s the frank yet appealing side of BERTILA that will make us adore her in a second. Let’s hope she gets a show of her own one day as she’s a talent to be treasured…:)

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