Foxy Femme: Lori Alan

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She is indeed a woman of many flavors and LORI ALAN should already be regarded as one of the sexiest woman on this planet. An enchantress all the way, she has the right curves and the cheeky personality to make us blush. Have you seen her as the Milf-tastic Linda Robbins on “The Hard Times of RJ Berger”? It’s a performance worthy of repeat viewings with moments where she’s both delightfully funny and flirtatious. LORI also guest-starred recently in the episode “Road Trip” of the hard-hitting “Ray Donovan”. While that was a dramatic part, she returned to her comic roots in the more lighthearted “Dean Slater: Resident Advisor”. To be spot-on as a comedienne and to be sexy at the same time is an indication of how exemplary she is an entertainer. I dare say she’s on her way to join the league of exceptional women in comedy such as Mary-Louise Parker and Laura Linney.

She was once quoted at a “Family Guy” premiere where she also did voiceover and wow us with this statement: “Be the authentically fabulous you that only you can be.” Anyone whether they be in the acting industry or otherwise will be inspired after hearing that!The fact that she’s the voice talent on “Spongebob” as Pearl, Mr Krabs whale of a daughter as well as support voices on “Monsters University” and “Despicable Me 2” makes her extra cool. It’s truly a gift to enthrall people by infecting their lives with humor and LORI has been exciting us with her brand of comedic expression in thriving fashion.

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