Fantastic Fest 2013 Spotlight: Indie Princess Lorene Scafaria

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Women with exceptional talent are worthy of a big shoutout and LORENE SCAFARIA should be lauded for she’s a director/actress who has the beguiling touch when bringing stories to life. Calling herself a romantic, the crux of her work is on human relationships with tinctures of light-heartedness. I’m truly blessed to be able to feature LORENE and to be rubbing shoulders with a virtuoso of the film world. We will be able to see her shine in the sci-fi thriller “Coherence” which deals with alternate dimensions. Even in the skin of a withdrawn character such as the likable LEE, LORENE captivates in this role as she and her group of friends discover they’re not one of a kind in the world.

She is also the auteur of the memorably bittersweet “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley. Her focus on the feelings of intimacy within the backdrop of a major event in this case the end of life on earth is refreshingly relevant. We often forget the countless people who are unfortunately caught up in disasters and in movies, explosions and destruction with its massive effects turn centrestage as opposed to lives of the victims. Besides her impressive foray on film, Lorene has also directed an episode of hit series “New Girl” in its second season. As much as I might be a little selfish in wanting to see more of her on film, what she’s achieving behind the scenes as a creative spark is having an influential imprint on us.

Look out for my upcoming interview with the exquisite visionary that is LORENE SCAFARIA…:)

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