Sizzling Cutie: Autumn Federici

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We eagerly have a thing for indie starlets and the luscious AUTUMN FEDERICI affirms why the fondness for her should start right away. Her features are both alluring and angelic giving her the appeal to play a range of roles. All good things come in pairs and since she’s starring in 2 exciting new films, that’s twice the reason to be a devotee of this honey. The first is the R-rated comedy “The Blackout” where she plays Jenny, the wife of one of the band members who seemingly have lost a lucrative contract that might curtailed their plans for a World Tour. This is of course after a night of festivities full of naked chicks and booze! The second is the gripping thriller “Murder Eleven” where she’s Katey, a prostitute who could be the 11th victim of a sinister killer. Can 2 detectives be her saviors and stop the madness! “Murder Eleven” will be an intense watch for the fact that Autumn was bound and gagged in the heinous torture scenes for long periods of time during shooting.

In fact she’s even on the cover art of “Murder Eleven” in a brutal pose that foretells the impending violence. Having also been in the found footage horror flick “616: Paranormal Incident” and set to beguile in the supernatural “A Haunting in Thornby”, AUTUMN is steadily gravitating to some pretty dark themes. A visit to the AUTUMN FEDERICI OFFICIAL SITE would come in handy to keep updated on her many projects. Despite her run in the horror genre, her onscreen versatility means she’ll be just as capable in comedy having guested on “My Synthesized Life”. It’s time we fall in love with her i say…:)

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