British Vixen: Tamzin Brown

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Leading man James Franco calls TAMZIN BROWN a fearless, artistic spirit and she’s definitely quite the beguiling cutie. This is a wonderful endorsement from a huge star and TAMZIN has all the potential to justify the tag of a rising starlet. Oh yeah, she’s currently working with James on several features, one of which was a short titled “Rebel” that has TAMZIN portraying screen legend Natalie Wood. I certainly believe she showed the child-like sweetness brimming with restless abandon to play the nubile Natalie. She’s also just filmed an art short with Mr Franco and by the time it’s released, there’s going to plenty who will be talking about her! Just saw an on-set pic of her and James Franco on her FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. So glad I’m not a gal cause I would be envious of her…hehe.

The TAMZIN BROWN OFFICIAL SITE is where you can keep abreast of her increasing popularity. She does hail from Somerset which happens to be the hometown of Juno Temple and TAMZIN could very well emulate the same level of success. TAMZIN does star in new thriller “The Divine Order” as URSA, a member of a doomsday cult who tries to break free from the clutches of the wayward group. Yet again, we can envision an intense and affecting performance from this most delectable actress. While I also know many around the world have an addiction to Natalie Dormer, let’s start a fixation for up and coming English Rose Tamzin Brown.

2 thoughts on “British Vixen: Tamzin Brown

    1. Hi Tamzin. Thanks for having me as your fan. Wow u and James Franco make a gorgeous couple onscreen…:) and how I adore your accent as most people around the world do!

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