Sizzling Cutie: Danika Galindo

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There’s never a better time than now to be smitten with the most fetching of horror princesses and DANIKA GALINDO does indeed entice in more ways than one. Indie horror has become an addictive part of our culture and continues to do so thanks to hotties such as DANIKA. She has the innocence of youth yet can certainly be effortlessly seductive if the role calls for it. DANIKA is one of the stars of “Slink”, a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” like tale of terror where human skin is sadistically harvested to make designer purses. Now that’s taking animal-free products to the extreme! Will DANIKA as Kayla Nunez be able to save her skin in “Slink”? She plays one of 2 sisters whose desire to use the tanning salon (which is actually a skinning factory) in their home town leads to a fight for survival. “Slink” may be of low-budget fare but DANIKA proves she’s one tough Final Girl (or is she?) and her performance incites much interest in the flick.

As will her gorgeous, lissome body (the bikini pic of her above affirms this) as she’s quite scantily clad in several scenes including showing a little skin that we all know is headed for voyeuristic adulation. I came across an article where DANIKA has been called beautiful from any angle and I second that…:) Have you seen her dreamy eyes? There’s a pair that could captivate hearts in no time. She does appear in the upcoming “Teacher’s Day” so there’s ample opportunity to have the hots for her. Did you know that Amy Adams herself was an indie actress at one time (Did you see Cruel Intentions 2?) and who knew years later she would win an Oscar! So keep DANIKA in mind for she could well be following the same illustrious path.

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