Canadian Vixens Sizzling Up VIFF 2013

1. Makinna Ridgway in “The Boy Scout”


– One of the sexiest women to ever grace both TV and film, Makinna has the smile to melt hearts yet exudes a most addictive allure.
– As Leah in gripping tale “The Boy Scout”, she and her boyfriend are caught in a life & death situation when they are stuck in a car as a result of a freak snowstorm.
– I first saw her in the horror flick “The Cook” and was instantly captivated. She then did it again by being super saucy on “Femme Fatales” and recently dazzled in “Rizzoli and Isles”.

2. Katie Boland in “Method”


– She may be in a supporting role in the short film “Method” but how scary is it that Katie is so compellingly engaging. Couldn’t find the trailer but you still watch the Method Short Film .
– A treasure and prodigious talent from Canada, Katie’s affinity towards edgy, provocative roles will propel her into stardom.
– Watch her in “Ferocious” alongside Kim Coates of “Sons Of Anarchy fame” and shows her depth as an actress depicting the multi-layered aspects of a naive young lady called Tess.

3. Laura Adkin in “Beauty Mark”


– Quirky and irresistibly cute, she’s already proven her worth as a comedienne alongside Julia Stiles in the funny “It’s A Disaster”.
– It’s a supporting role for Laura in “Beauty Mark”, a story of a child-beauty-queen. Don’t know about you but beauty pageants and heavily cosmetic-laden children does creep me out.
– She’s busy in the throes of numerous projects, all the more Laura will intrigue us in 2013 and the years ahead.

4. Katharine Isabelle in “Lawrence & Holloman”


– Recently shocking us in body-mod horror film “American Mary”, she goes against type in the comedy “Lawrence & Holloman” but even with glasses, she’s still sexy all the way!
– I still remember her ever so youthful alongside Katie Holmes in “Disturbing Behaviour” and then going on to be a cult princess thanks to “Ginger Snaps”
– Together with Danielle Harris, she’s playing a medical student facing absolute terror in the shape of Jacob Goodnight aka the wrestler Kane in “See No Evil 2”

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