Rising Starlet: Raquel Cantu

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RAQUEL CANTU is blossoming into a magnet for infatuation with her acting finesse and the mesmerizing effect of her beauty. She is a Best Actress Award Nominee at the Chicago Horror Film Fest 2013 for being the epitome of temptation in “Edward Lee’s The Bighead”. Amazingly she was the script supervisor before portraying the character Jerrica Perry and as they say the rest is history. Teasing viewers at every turn, she’s been described as a sexpot by a number of reviewers and she deserves the outpouring of ardor. Isn’t it obvious a slight majority of us seem to have a preference for blondes with RAQUEL whetting our appetites both on and off screen. One can already fathom the buxom blonde is going to be a source of avidity…:)

She was also in a fan favorite, the suspense thriller “Home Sweet Home” as the homecrasher Kristi, terrorizing the poor homeowner played by the equally foxy Alexandra Boylan. Always love a girl who can show her evil side (on screen of course) and Raquel’s cold ruthlessness in the skin of the psychopath Kristi lifts the film to scary heights! Playfully sinister at times, she puts in a performance that’s never one-dimensional as she wields the power of life and death in a story that’s not just a slasher. Auguring well of what’s ahead for the talented RAQUEL, I’m following her with huge interest and so should you…:)

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