ShriekFest 2013 Spotlight: Indie Princess Julie Kendall

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The lovely JULIE KENDALL has an endearing factor we will all adore and she’s becoming ever present in the Film/TV arena. The acclaimed “ShriekFest” thanks to its gracious creator Denise Gossett is one of the channels where JULIE is staking a claim for your attention. It is the month of October so expectedly horror will be dominating the headlines and already a bevy of blondes are making their presence felt. When it comes to being eye-catching, the curvaceous JULIE easily accomplishes with ease as we know blue-eyed blondes have done through the years. It has to be said that she’s been in some rather gritty stuff that doesn’t play up her foxiness. In the excellent short film “So Dark”, JULIE is Violet, a fangbanger otherwise known as an aspiring vamp who longs to prowl the night for blood. On the train is where she encounters the denizen of darkness who we discover to be a killer with conscience! “So Dark” attempts to reinvent the wheel with its Dexter-like tone and as viewers know can be quite the hook.

She did guest star in the surprise hit “Under The Dome” which while being a sci-fi suspense ride can somewhat be considered horror with its share of nasty characters. To be in the loop, just visit the JULIE KENDALL OFFICIAL SITE. JULIE has even managed to overcome her fear of speaking by immersing herself in her calling as an actress, story just like King George VI in “The King’s Speech”. Now that’s inspirational! It’s also great that JULIE can wield different emotions that can carry a feature. All too often we forget the efforts of actresses who go the distance to make the onscreen experience as genuine as possible. It’s a busy year ahead for her which can only mean she’ll be on our avid radars for some time…:)

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