Bowling For Boobies Horror Starlets Are Sizzling The World

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Every year the women who have entertain us in the horror genre shows us how generous they can be and they continue to endear themselves to us. In 2013, they banded together to raise money for women who are afflicted by breast cancer in the annual BOWLING FOR BOOBIES event which happens on Oct 6.

While their sexiness is a given, the horror starlets warm our hearts for doing this most wonderful of charitable work. It’s great to see Carlee Baker, Anne McDaniels and Natalie Victoria (who by the way are already my idols) touching the hearts of so many. As much as we are turned on by their delectable onscreen appearances, it’s the emotional goodwill generated by them that will be just as memorable. These amazing ladies do make us want to be a better man by following their magnanimity.

Kudos to Carlee, Anne and Natalie for making a difference in the lives of women and Team Horror Starlets is one that’s representing the truest form of entertainment. They’ve been inspirational beyond the screen and permeate benevolence to people. It does mean we’ll be watching them avidly and the clips (below) confirm they’re delectable in every way…;)

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