ShriekFest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Stephanie Beran

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Goddesses of our planet are meant to be admired and STEPHANIE BERAN has a divine appeal destined for plentiful crushes. Have you seen her stunning photos (above)? Her curves are indeed beguiling but if you train your eyes to look closely, STEPHANIE does have those ravishing blue eyes that often prove to be an intense addiction. Certainly in “The Shower” there’s an ensemble of hotties who intensifies our enthusiasm by eclipsing the notion of being just beautiful. They know how to turn us on and we are naturally compelled to praise them . Just realized there’s two gorgeous Stephanies in the film which is always a pleasure. Will STEPHANIE’s character Caroline survive the bizarre affliction that’s turning everyone into mentally deranged killers?

I also came across a pic of her from the action fantasy flick P-51 Dragon Fighter in military garb. Man she just dazzles as much as those gals from “Bomb Girls” and STEPHANIE can pull off the vintage sultriness with aplomb. In another war-related project “Battle Force”, she does show her vicious side and is a little unhinged in the role of Caterina, a soldier fighting the Nazis in the 1940s. A striking performance from her gives this indie war film a level of depth and surprising viewers as she holds her own with battle-hardened guys on the frontline. In one awesome scene, she’s no shrinking violet and seems to enjoy the taste of blood by violently knifing a German soldier. Remember to watch her in “Fatal Call” alongside Danielle Harris in another great role. There’s many alluring shades to STEPHANIE and we’ve now seen the beginning of her dazzling nature…:)

One thought on “ShriekFest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Stephanie Beran

  1. I think I’m a new fan. Just watched her In a movie with Sorbo, whose name prompted me to select the movie, Fatal Call.

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