Captivating Horror Goddesses @ ScreamFest LA

1. Ashlynn Yennie in “The Wretched”


– Ashlynn can beguile and shock viewers in equal measure and there lies her enticing charm which we all constantly rave about.
– It’s a zombie fest in “The Wretched”, as she portrays Claudia, beautiful wife of Marcus, the leader of the Roman Army grappling with the plague of the walking dead.
– Of course, she’s also in another horror feature “Schism” where she will no doubt entrance viewers as she did when she auditioned for the role as the caring Brandy.

2. Nicole Laliberte & Bjanka Murgel in “Schism”

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– One is an unconventionally drop dead gorgeous redhead while the other is a brunette identifiable with compliments such as stunning and luscious.
– Serenely brilliant in the features she’s done in her career, Nicole is also the quintessential muse for I dare say any fashion brand in the world which chooses to engage her.
– Likewise Bjanka is herself a heavenly model/actress who can channel any trendy look and should now be recognized for her onscreen work.

3. Chanel Marriott in “Black Sugar”


– We love our burgeoning talents from Australia and Chanel represents the youthful vigor of a gal on the cusp of a star-making turn.
– She does have the X-Factor and just like the contestants on the show who are some of the youngest, Chanel is catching our eye with every feature she’s in.
– Don’t miss her in “Black Sugar” as Megan, an inquisitive teen who after eating some mysterious candy is transported into a terrifying world.

4. Amanda Fuller in “The Barista”


– Well-known for her comic flair on “Last Man Standing”, every now and again, Amanda delivers a fine performance in the horror genre which dashes of comedy thrown in for good effect.
– In the horror comedy “The Barista”, she plays a barista harboring a dark secret and what that is already a point of intrigue!
– Hopefully, Talk Show Host Craig Ferguson invites her on his show for Amanda would certainly add an elegant verve to entertain late night viewers.

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