PollyGrind Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Lauren Myers

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Already showing promise as a genuinely buzz-worthy actress, LAUREN MYERS is a cutie with enchanting qualities. Sometimes a talent comes along that takes your breath away and LAUREN will leave an indelible impression once her psychological thriller “Dead Billy” is released. The intoxicating trailer (above) speaks for itself with an array of imagery, twisted and raunchy at times, a glimpse of the exceptional drama that lies ahead. This is a feature film she wrote with her associate Scott Milder and after raising $30k on Kickstarter to film is now in post-production. Playing successful grad student Calliope, LAUREN shows her absorbing range as the unfortunate woman whose life starts to unravel after beset by unknown seizures that reveal her very dark past. More mind bending terror than pure horror, “Dead Billy” could be on the way to next year’s CANNES Film Festival and if it does, I’m harboring hopes of meeting LAUREN over there. Of course PollyGrind is this weekend’s happening horror fest and it so happens LAUREN is in a short film called “Blood Soaked” which is screening there. It really should be called Lesbians Vs Nazis since it’s about a sapphic college couple who end up fighting for survival against a nefarious group of Nazi teens.

It’s amazing to see LAUREN who is endowed with the sweetness we can’t take our eyes off doing these gritty roles. Thought-provoking is what she’s about and it’s fitting she’s also been lauded for her work on the theatre scene. Read up on what many have to say about her at the LAUREN MYERS OFFICIAL SITE and follow the latest updates. Being ever so kind, she’s also informed me that she will be in the pilot for NBC’s “The Night Shift”, a new series centering on the night crew of a military hospital. Television could very well be another platform for her to garner our avid devotion.

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