ScreamFest LA Spotlight: Indie Princess Maritza Brikisak

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To be a fan of horror is gratifying especially when the women involved are as delightful and fascinating such as the actress MARITZA BRIKISAK. It’s always a viewing pleasure to watch a beautiful woman transform herself into numerous incarnations onscreen, some more terrifying than others. In “The Wretched”, she’s a zombie-like creature that threatens the safety of a Roman Army led by their brave leader Marcus. Kudos to her perseverance for those long hours in the make-up chair to create the look of the ghoulish creature. I do hope she gets to do more roles sans the make-up for MARITZA has such a gentle pleasantness.

News just in she’s booked another horror film called “Abandoned” where she’s not going to be pretty in it. She plays a history teacher who goes crazy by killing her students and returns later as a ghost to haunt the school. Check out the trailer (above). Although in the short film “Easy A”, she does impress on us her seductive nature as a Maths educator and we’ve inclined to be Hot For Teacher…:) Maritza is after all of Chilean descent which means she’s blessed with the friendly Latin attractiveness that’s a little saucy and that’s just the way we like it. Thankfully, the MARITZA BRIKISAK OFFICIAL SITE is the portal to keep updated on her future projects which she is busily garnering in the coming months.

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