ScreamFest LA Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Lindsay LaVanchy

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She has a glow much like that of a fairy and Lindsay LaVanchy is a vivacious talent we should get excited for in a hurry. Having seen the premiere of “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland”, I think Lindsay would fit right in that fantastical world because she has an exuberant persona as well as looks. It’s not just mere coincidence that Lindsay has played a fairytale type of character before in a piece called “The Maiden And The Princess”. Her adorable essence is visibly part of the appeal she can bring to the screen. She is however just as adept in more grittier stuff, her work on “Criminal Minds” comes to mind as one of the more gripping sequences on that hit show. Lindsay also stars in the short film “Dembanger” which screens at ScreamFest LA on October 11. Giving us a creepy insight into the mind of a facebook stalker, there’s something in this story that can cut pretty close to real life, especially since our lives are an open book on social media. Lindsay is ever so innocent in the trailer for “Dembanger” which could be a reason why she’s been targeted by the sinister man.

If you’re the sort who enjoys thrillers, Lindsay just shot one for James Franco that should be done with post by December. Her role is one where she takes on her crazy dead sister’s personality and causes a lot of trouble in the hunt for her killer. Stay tuned for what would be a riveting film and a possible launching pad for her into bigger features.

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