Rising Starlet: Renee Dorian

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It’s always awesome to see the funny women rule and RENEE is refreshingly enchanting, with her natural ability to make us laugh. She has actually been working in the entertainment business for almost a decade! RENEE is has just released her comedic web series “CLUED-LESS” that she created/wrote/executive produced and starred in! “CLUED-LESS” is a comedy web series based on true events told by a real life Murder Mystery entertainer. Each web-isode occurs at a different party, and follow the craziness that unfolds during this nightly, interactive game of ‘whodunit’ with people that don’t particularly care. “CLUED-LESS” blends elements of Party Down, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, CLUE, and Renee’s real-life experiences working at the Murder Mystery Company of Los Angeles into a hilarious series that you’ve never quite seen before. Go to www.cluedless.com

From what I’ve seen so far, her character Stevie Hart and her motley companions gets into compromising situations of the awkward kind. Catch Episode 4 which is by far one of the funniest as the GANG have their hands full with a kid who is high and some colorful characters at a dance party. With that cute, perky voice and her sprightly comic timing, RENEE excels in the role of a woman making the best out of the economic depression by entertaining people.


Her other credits include TV’s “Scandal”, “90210”, “iCarly” and “The Young and The Restless”. She has starred in a plethora of feature films, including the new indie “AWAKEN”, that is getting some great recognition. She has recorded various voices for Nickelodeon and Disney and just recently worked as a SERIES REGULAR on a Butch Hartman Nickelodeon Pilot “The Bugly’s”. Renee has also appeared in several national commercials and has been running the West Coast branch of The Murder Mystery Company for over four years. She’s grateful for the inspiration that has led to this new endeavor. To learn more, visit her online at http://www.reneedorian.com/. Don’t forget to LIKE her on FB: www.facebook.com/CLUEDLess

I did ask her if she’s the new Alicia Silverstone considering her series is called CLUEDLess (it was a tease as I believe her show incorporates a little of the game CLUEDO) and she modestly laughs it off, although youtubers can be the judge of that by watching her here: www.cluedless.com/episodes

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