RI International Horror Fest 2013 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Natalie Pero

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It’s always a celebration of the most stunning women right here on this blog and NATALIE PERO is the essence of fascination. From her immaculate skin to her gorgeous smile, she shimmers from every angle. She appears in the short film “Red Rider”, an apocalyptic survival thriller that hints of “Mad Max”, only this time it’s a female protagonist fighting off scum of the earth. Does it matter if she’s not a lead in this one for NATALIE is likely to dazzle as she has done in her previous films such as the female-heavy “RAZE”, a tale of abduction and forced combat.

Remember to drop by the NATALIE PERO OFFICIAL SITE as she has many projects of note. “Wonder Valley” is one such film that channels the spirit of “The Hills Have Eyes” reminding us why as a horror fan we are drawn to the sub-genre known as cannibal slasher. There’s of course “We Are What We Are” which is doing the festival rounds and I’m expecting NATALIE’s character to suffer a similarly grim fate as one of four friends on a desert camping trip that quickly becomes harrowing. NATALIE does star alongside indie princess Suziey Block of “Entrance” fame so expect the two women to be in a terror of the cerebral kind. It’s time we all start getting excited for the luscious NATALIE PERO.

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