Canadian Vixen: Karyn Dwyer

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KARYN DWYER makes adoring redheads effortless as she’s a mix of sensuality and affable charisma. Some have called her an angel and she’s all that but I like to think of her as being beguilingly foxy. If you are into Laura Linney which I suspect may are, then loving the understated sex appeal of KARYN is a must. Check out her awesome reel (above) as she takes a bold direction by baring it all in one of her features. Let’s not beat around the bush by acknowledging that KARYN does have a svelte figure and why not celebrate it right here. She did stir many a loin in “Better Than Chocolate” in a memorable lesbian romp no less and I think she would have no problems bewitching us now. Does it matter that it’s only a cameo for her in “The Art Of The Steal” which premiers at this year’s Austin Film Fest. Right here, it’s about introducing the hottest women gracing our planet and with her tousled ringlets of red hair and love-addict nose, KARYN does qualify as an Enchantress…:)

Even as the leading lady of “Silent Garden” which dispenses with dialogue, she never fails to be visually interesting for viewers. She has previously been lauded as the heart & soul of cinema for her performance in “Better Than Chocolate” and has been voted as a top 10 redheaded actress alongside Julianne Moore no less! Now that’s more than enough reasons, more than I can count with five fingers to start a passion movement for KARYN. According to Wikipedia, she already has a cult following and it’s about to garner more loyal fans in the coming months.

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