Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Reid Cox

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Exuding irrepressible charm, REID COX is a stunner on every piece of media she’s been seen in. From print,film and the red carpet, her entrancingly fetching looks are delightfully sweet. It’s fitting that she’s part of the gorgeous cast of “Cavemen” which screens at Austin Film Festival. I can identify with the obsession that we have for youthful actresses and it’s not just because of their tender aura. When it comes to being pleasant, Miss REID is amiably personable as can be seen in the interviews she has done. Nice Girls do indeed bear a chance to finish first in the industry. That’s not to say she always plays the nice girls onscreen for she did excelled as a mean girl with violent tendencies in the drama “Ashley”.

That’s enough reason to visit the REID COX OFFICIAL SITE and keep updated on her ever blossoming career. 2013 will be a busy year for her with roles in several short films, the horror flick “Cut!” and as the inviting leading lady alongside Kevin Sorbo in “Alongside Night”. Don’t forget to catch her in “Consumed” as she’s a picture of raw sensuality in every frame that belies the innocent beauty we know she is. It’s time we let ourselves be enraptured by the promising head turner that is REID COX.

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