Most Captivating Indie Darlings Of Austin Film Fest 2013 – Part 1

1. Kathleen Wise in “Palimpsest”


– She’s been commended for her role as the noise averse Ellen Chasen in “Palimpsest” in what was one of the standouts at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.
– Subtly beguiling yet always seems to add levity in the roles she’s done, KATHLEEN is on target to soar in the indie arena.
– Just found out she’s fluent in French and that adds an extra dimension to her allure…:)

2. Alison Gallaher in “The Root Of The Problem”


– The art of captivation is evident in Alison’s portrayal of a 1950’s housewife who discovers her dentist is anything but nice!
– As I’ve pointed out before, this dark-haired honey is so beautiful she could assume a lady of the screen from any era…:)
– Director Ryan Spindell calls her the perfect casting choice due to her adeptness at handling the weird content of his film.

3. Katy Townsend in “Finding Neighbors”


– She’s a ballsy, sexy Scottish actress who calls herself “A Cheeky Scot” and from the photo (above) we can see why!
– No stranger to being sensual, she once did an ad at this year’s SuperBowl for global sportswear giants Gildan in only her T-shirt and knickers. Yummy!
– Watch this affable and gorgeous talent in “Finding Neighbors”, a tale of finding love amidst a middle age crisis.

4. Nora Kirkpatrick in “Big Sur


– Blondes and independent flicks are a match made in heaven and Nora is a gal with numerous magnetic qualities.
– She has a supporting role alongside Kate Bosworth in “Big Sur”, providing comic relief in a dark story of one man’s emotional suffering.
– She first caught my eyes in the horror film “Growth” and has grown even more mesmerizing with every turn. She’s amazing with an accordion too…swooning time!

5. Lilan Bowden, Tonya Cornelisse & Jackie Debatin in “A Leading Man”

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– Zombie films was where we started being hypnotized by the vivacious Lilan Bowden and she’s expected to shine in Season 3 of “Suburgatory”.
– The ethereal Tonya Cornelisse knows how to stir hearts and her upcoming feature “Midnight Sex Run” will easily garner her even more fans.
– Jackie Debatin has played alot of TV strippers/hookers and over the years we cannot help but fall in lust with this Southern belle.

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