Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Lucie Guest

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When it comes to adoring actress LUCIE GUEST, it’s all about her sweet allure which she radiates in spellbinding fashion. She’s a definite blonde bombshell we could be fixated on thanks to her being ever so fetching. LUCIE is appearing in “That Burning Feeling”, a comedy of venereal diseases and romantic entanglements when a man who had it all discovers something he doesn’t want at all! Cue the high jinks as he has to find which one of the countless women he hooked up with gave him gonorrhea! LUCIE is comfortable in the genre of comedy having shone in “Health Nutz” as single mother and juice bar manager Mary Horton. The casting directors are spot on to have her assume the role of Mary, the inevitable love interest as LUCIE makes it easy for viewers to be enamored with her. You will also discover she’s a woman of fascinating, multiple talents.

Add yogi and certified Transcendental Meditation practitioner to her list of impressive accomplishments, affirming how amazing LUCIE really is! Puts new meaning to the phrase “Hot For Teacher” and I would certainly be up for her classes if at any point I was near her area…:) In 2014, LUCIE will be starring in a romantic comedy “The Town That Came A-Courtin” where she assumes the role of Jamie, a publicist for a beautiful and successful author Abby (Lauren Holly). It’s time the world gets to know how mesmerizing of a talent she is.

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