Rising Starlet: Danae Nason

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One of the most lovable faces in the industry, DANAE NASON has the effusive comeliness we could be hooked on the first view. If you still haven’t been exposed to the luscious DANAE, now is the time to be intrigued by her. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet and she epitomizes the girl-next-door we could fall in love with religiously. She is playing Sarah in “Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear” in the segment “Smell” as the former love interest of a man who gets the wrong end of the bargain when he accepts a ‘Special’ cologne from a door-to-door saleslady. It gives him some serious magnetic power over people except that Sarah seems to be immune to it. Just at the cusp of reconnecting, she’s soon let down by him yet again as day by day, he gets intoxicated by the hold he has over everyone he comes into contact with. DANAE’s sensitive approach in her performance suggest she could easily shine in more romantic features.

You may have also seen her recently on “Masters Of Sex” as a nurse in the OR. A check of the DANAE NASON OFFICIAL SITE will also reveal she’s appeared with Whoopi Goldberg, comedian extraodinaire. Herself an accomplished talent of improv comedy, she started initially with Groundlings in LA and is now with the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC. Keep your eyes peeled for more impressive turns from the ebullient Miss DANAE NASON…:)

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