Sizzling Cutie: Kayle Blogna

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Irresistibly beautiful is how one can characterize KAYLE BLOGNA and this young actress is a sizzler from every angle. Her bright smile, hot curves and desirable appeal does exemplify the earth-bound goddess tag that befits her allure. She’s starring in “You Can’t Kill Stephen King” which has generated much interest thanks to its fun content as well as the countless references to the work of the horror maestro himself Stephen King. The film is about friends who visit the lake where horror author Stephen King lives only to be decimated one by one in the style as written in the novels of Stephen King! While we get cleavage-friendly shots of the well-endowed KAYLE, she is eye-catching in every frame as the narcissistic Nicole. The question of whether she survives will compel you to watch “You Can’t Kill Stephen King”.

The horror genre is never far away for KAYLE as her upcoming short film “Until Death Do Us Apart” as it threads the fashionable zombie genre only this time they are chomping on meat in the 1950s! Go visit the KAYLE BLOGNA OFFICIAL SITE for more updates. If we’re referring to the magnetic semblance of an actress then KAYLE has that in abundance. She’s also known as The Cooking Actress and she regularly posts recipes on her BLOG. What a fascinating talent she is and she’s going to drive a span of devotion in no time at all…:)

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